Release the Supernatural Meditation on Christ by Roger Sapp



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Release the Supernatural  by  Meditation on Christ by Roger Sapp

Release the Supernatural by Meditation on Christ by Roger Sapp
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“Release the Supernatural by Meditation on Christ” was written by Dr. Roger Sapp who has seen Jesus Christ heal more than 25,000 people in the past two decades as he has traveled and taught in more than 300 churches. He explains that it is important to be the right kind of vessel, particularly in understanding the Father’s will in healing. He relates why there is so much confusion and misunderstanding about healing in English speaking nations and why only a small percentage of Christians have a consistent and reliable experience with healing.

He shares his testimony about how the Lord resolved this problem in his life and ministry after 20 years of theoretically believing in healing but seeing only a few people healed each year. This testimony involves the practice of Christian meditation on Christ Himself. The author defines Christian meditation as “Deep continued thought, pondering, studying, musing and focusing on matters revealed in the Bible as important.” Beyond this, he shares that mediation on Christ as Healer daily for two years changed his understanding and experience in healing as Christ became his daily teacher.

He describes how the seed of God’s word being planted in him through meditation produced a harvest in his life that continues to this day. The author then offers suggestions of some areas of meditation on Christ that are likely to produce changes in the experience of receiving and ministering healing.

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